German Shepherds are an active breed and require stimulation and socialization.  They love nothing better than having a job to do, and if bored can become destructive.  Please utilize the AKC website for more information on this breed.

At Duke and Blondi Shepherds, we strive to create a loving and healthy environment for not only our companions, but also for our customers. We strive and grow as a family business to share this love with every puppy we raise so that we can help another family.

Notice Board

Currently at Duke and Blondi Shepherds we have our latest litter of 10 puppies (now 4) from our very own couple, Duke and Blondi. All puppies as of January 2018, are up to date on their medical needs.

As of right now we have the following puppies avaliable: 

  • One black and tan male
  • One solid female
  • Two solid males

AKC Registed German Shepherds for Sale in Dade City, Florida